Episode #1 In conversation with Kizomba Teacher Shaina Kalila
Kizomba Conversations Podcast April 28, 202401:13:22

Episode #1 In conversation with Kizomba Teacher Shaina Kalila

In our first episode of Kizomba Conversations, Shaina Kalila, a Kizomba teacher in London, joins us on the sofa to discuss her Kizomba journey. She shares insights on her early years learning from her mother and explains how she fell in love with Kizomba and why she loves dancing.

They discuss Shaina's journey into the Kizomba world, the unique aspects of Kizomba as a dance style, the challenges and rewards of being a teacher, and the qualities of a good leader and follower. Shaina emphasises the importance of simplicity, musicality, and genuine connection in Kizomba.

She also highlights the value of mastering the basics and the role they play in building a strong foundation for more complex moves. During the conversation, Victor speaks to Shaina about her experiences and preferences in the world of Kizomba. They discuss topics such as personal music preferences, memorable experiences with dancers from different parts of the world, the impact of Kizomba on Shaina's life, and her own dance events. Shaina also shares advice for aspiring teachers and reveals her essential items in her dance bag. The conversation ends with a fun question and answer session.

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