Episode #4: In Conversation with DJ Sabura
Kizomba Conversations Podcast June 21, 2024

Episode #4: In Conversation with DJ Sabura

In this fourth episode of Kizomba Conversations, we discover how DJ Sabura entered the world of DJing and Kizomba, the challenges he faced as a white DJ in a predominantly black scene, and his unique approach to creating the perfect dance floor vibe.

Sabura shares insights on technique, song selection, and the importance of continuous learning.

Plus, hear about his favourite songs, memorable experiences, and advice for aspiring DJs.

Sabura's music mentions:
Artist: Justino Deldago
Artist: Anna Joyce

To connect with Sabura, check him out on:
Instagram: dj.sabura
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/africantourdjs

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