Episode #3: In Conversation with Kizomba Teacher Rico Suave
Kizomba Conversations Podcast June 07, 202401:33:08

Episode #3: In Conversation with Kizomba Teacher Rico Suave

In this third episode of Kizomba Conversations, Rico Suave shares his journey from Guinea-Bissau to Portugal and then to the UK. He discusses the origins of his nickname, the influence of music and dance in his upbringing, and the significance of Kizomba as a way of life.

Rico also delves into the variations of dance under the Kizomba umbrella, highlighting the importance of pioneers and the evolution of Kizomba music and dance.

We also learn about his upcoming projects and events, and Rico emphasizes the importance of sharing the joy of Kizomba with the community.

Teachers Rico mentions:
Eddy Vents
Mestre Petchu
Antonio Banderas

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ricardo.graca.589

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